The Recruiting Process

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The Recruiting Process

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Once the new applicant makes their formal post to join The New Terror [TNT], in the join forum,the recruiting process is started.

A recruiter for The New Terror will make contact with the new applicant by posts and /or PM's. A Recruiter will be assigned to the applicant by either the Senior Officer In Charge (SOIC) of Recruiting, or the Supervisor Of Recruiting (SOR). This will be the applicants primary contact while in the recruiting phase. Any Senior Officer, or recruiter can also be involved as they see fit, but the assigned Recruiter is the primary contact in dealing with the new applicant.

The primary recruiter should get the required information from the new applicant by way of a PM, and post it ONLY in the recruiting forum under the original recruiting post for the applicant. The information we will need from the new applicant is as follows:
a). Real name
b). Date of birth
c). City, State live in
d). Phone number
e). Whether applicant has been on a team before {what team(s)}, or currently is on one and leaving.

Once the initial information gathering is completed, and everything is checked out, the new applicant will continue the recruiting phase. New recruits will be watched, and monitored in game servers, our forums, and on Team Speak for their interactions with other members and other gamers in general. Once we (Recruiters / Senior officers) feel the recruit has shown a positive relationship status in these areas, and feel they maybe a right fit for TNT (usually between 15-60 days of being active) They will be given a "FORMAL INTERVIEW" by the Recruiters & Senior officers.

The Formal Interview is where you(the applicant) will be asked several questions(10-20) so we can have an even better understanding of your thoughts and feelings toward TNT, and what we stand for. If the applicant has shown what we are looking for, and fits into our "family" than upon the completion of the formal interview they will receive their small tnt's.
The small tnt's show you have been accepted as a probationary member, and will be watched even closer by all members. You will wear your little tnt tags for a period from 30 to 90 days. Than either the Senior Officer In Charge of recruiting, or a Senior Officer will give you your Big T's. If they feel you are deserving of them.

You must stay active within TNT to continue your progress in the recruiting phase. Violation of the Honor Code, or inactivity for a period of time will cause your status to be revoked.

These are the basic steps, guidelines you (new applicants) will go through to join TNT.

The time periods listed can be adjusted by either the Senior Officers, or the Recruiters as they see fit. This will be based on several factors and considerations. The time periods are just general guidelines. The Commanding Officers (CO's) have the final say in all dealings within TNT.
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