So You want to join TNT? Please read this first.

Everything you need to know about joining our family!
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So You want to join TNT? Please read this first.

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So you want to join TNT? well, first let me say we appreciate your interest in us.

The following is what you will need to do, provide, to start the process of being recruited:

1). You MUST be 18 years or older to join The New Terror. We are an all adult squad.
2). You MUST not belong to another squad; team, or clan. If you do we must have a link to the forums where you resigned.
3). If number 2 & 3 are met, please read our "HONOR CODE" and make sure you agree to it all. This is a MUST!
4). If all above steps are met, and you agree with the Honor Code, than please post in this forum your request to join.
5). Information in your request post we will need to start off with:
a). Your Screen name you mainly use in games, and want to use here. You may only have one.
b). Your current age (again, must be 18+).
c). Whether you currently belong to another team, squad, clan or not.
d). How you found TNT, or where you heard about us, from a member, blog, posting, server, etc...
e). A statement that you have read our Honor Code and agree with it.

A Recruiter will contact you through posts / PM's, to start the recruiting process.
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