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I have come to the decision to drop our Team Speak 3 server. It will end on Spet 8th. It has been attack again, and again, and again, causing the IP to keep being changed. the company (Jestservers) is not that good and is trying to get away from hosting TS completely.

The use of it by us is just about nonexistent, It is not a big cost to me, but since it is not used I can see no reason to host it any longer. If I knew people would use it that would be different.

If anyone else wants to host one they can, just post in members forum, so we don't have several doing it, and wait for replys. I would be glad to donate half a year or a year in cost. but until there is more activity on the forums, and people wanting to use one I myself do not see the need at this time.

Most have so much real life going on, many do not game anymore or so very little that we just don't have the showing like we did. I have the premium for BF4 and can not play as it crashes, I have uninstalled and re-installed 4 times, tried every idea out there and nothing helps. Only thing I could try is to re-install my OPS and I am not doing all that, so I deleted it of my PC.

I will be moving in 2-3 weeks out into a very rual contry area in KY and may not even have internet service for a little while, and when I get it it will not be enought to enable me to play any online games. Be able to post on here,FB, You Tube, I am 95% sure it is only available over satilite service, max like 5-10 mb.

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