Battlefiled 3 server and Black Ops server

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Battlefiled 3 server and Black Ops server

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Black Ops server is cancelled, will run as long as time left on last billing cycle.

28 player slot ordered, waiting on info from our server company as of now. Will be at a rate of $36.35 a month.

I have chosen to stay with as our server company. They provided great support with the Black Ops server. They are a little bit cheaper per month than others right now.

I went with 28 player for price right now, and to see how our server does, we can upgrade to higher player slots if required. I want to see what play time our server gets first.

I would again ask that the TNT members please utilize OUR server when playing the game when at least four are playing so we can get it started and populated. As of now I know of at least 8 members getting the game, so this should not be that hard to do. Also please use our team Speak when playing, so we know who is on and can get into our server when we have several playing.
"Do, or do not, there is no try"

Lets get back to the old days of BF2 and kick some ass out there. We are able to squad up again, and have classes, and take and hold objectives again.

Once the server is up and going I will post info.
I will post server admins as well.
Thanks everyone
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